12 reasons why you should be leveraging motion graphics

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Motion graphics are quickly becoming the most popular type of content. Why? Because they present their message in a way that is engaging and effective. Businesses and marketers across industries and sectors are leveraging motion graphics to engage their audiences. By using motion design, you can make complex messages simple as well as attractive, which makes them memorable.

If I haven’t convinced you yet, here’s twelve reasons why you should be leveraging motion graphics:


Best ROI

The Investment that Keeps on Giving

According to Hubspot, 51.9% of marketing professionals say video is the best type of content in terms of ROI.

    Start promoting your business with motion graphics today!


    Grabs Your Attention

    Movement Grabs Our Attention

    Our eyes are naturally attracted to movement (it’s a survival instinct), which means that motion is intrinsically eye-catching and engaging.




    Motion graphics are so versatile that you could make videos for your entire customer journey: use them in presentations, as explainers, for product demos, or to tell a story.


    It's Alive

    It’s Alive!

    Bring your brand to life by using your colors, visuals, & brand guidelines.


    Team of One

    Save Money with a Lean Team

    Motion Graphics are often created by a single designer, who is responsible for the entire process, from initial concept to delivery. This keeps the costs low, especially compared to video production which can require multiple crews.



    Motion is Memorable

    Using motion design increases audience recall.



    Power of Imagination

    With motion graphics you are not restricted by the rules of reality. Dream it, make it.



    Use Your Toolbox

    Motion graphics make it easy to use your current information, graphics, and visuals, saving you time and money!



    Quick Turnaround Time

    A 60-90 seconds motion graphic could go live in just 3-4 weeks!



    Effectively Connect with Your Audience

    If you want to reach your audience effectively, a motion graphic is the tool for you. Promotional videos are 600% more effective than printed materials according to Diode Digital.


    Screen Time

    Plenty of Screen Time

    Web users spend 19 hours a month, on average, watching videos, so you have plenty of opportunities to get in front of your audience.


    Screen Time

    Sell More

    After watching a video about a product, consumers are 174% more likely to make a purchase.

    Start promoting your business with motion graphics today!


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