Is It Time to Start Seeing Other Graphic Designers?

Is It Time to Start Seeing Other Graphic Designers?

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You know that making your business look attractive is important–you even went out and found yourself a freelance graphic designer to help create a look that brings impact. But even though you think you’ve found that special someone, be wary. Sometimes “happily ever after” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Working with a graphic designer can either be a wonderful fairy-tale experience or a horror story that never ends. Here are some signs to look for if you think it’s time you and your graphic designer should see other people:

They Disappear

You scheduled a meeting, and after waiting 5 minutes, they send a text that says they’re out running errands. Ummm…really?

Or, how about you send an email requesting certain tasks get accomplished by the end of the day, but two weeks pass before they email you with any progress.

If either of these situations sound familiar, it’s time to run for the hills! Everyone can forgive an  innocent transgression once or twice, but if it’s habit, it shows your graphic designer lacks time management skills and common courtesy.

They Send Surprising Invoices

You’ve got your coffee and your checkbook. It’s bill day. You open up the invoice from your graphic designer and WHAT? Where did all these extra hours come from? They never told you they were spending extra time beyond what was quoted!

If your graphic designer is adding extra, unforeseen charges to your invoices, it shows their communication skills are lacking or they’re trying to squeeze every penny out of you they can. Either way, it’s not what you’re hoping for in a fairy-tale partnership.

Want to cut your search short and see if we’re compatible?

They’re Never on Time

You’re a pretty organized person, and you were pretty excited when you and your designer were able to come to an agreement on the perfect timeline for your project. In fact, it was scheduled to be done weeks before the event, which meant you’d have plenty of time to get that special printing done. But along the way, your designer sends you multiple requests for extensions, promising to have it finished by tomorrow, and now you’re stressed and frustrated and the best you can hope for is that they give you something to print at Kinkos, the day of the event.

No one wants to be up against an immovable deadline or event without the tools they specifically requested and planned to have. If your graphic designer misses deadlines or milestones regularly, it’s a sign to cut ties and find someone who appreciates you, your business, and your deadlines.

They Don’t Get You

You thought you were clear. You explained it thoroughly enough. So, where did THIS concept come from? It’s not what you asked for at all.

This problem has more to do with compatibility than anything else, but sometimes it’s just not meant to be. Sometimes it takes a project or two for you and your designer to work out the kinks in your communication, but if it happens consistently across several projects, you two just may not be the right fit. If so, it’s time for an amicable split.

We’re all looking for that happily-ever-after, and trust me, it’s out there! There are plenty of freelance graphic designers out there, you just need to look. If you feel burned and a little heartbroken over lost time and money, it’s completely understandable. Take a few weeks, eat some ice cream, and follow the steps listed in this article to find the designer of your dreams.


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