New Year’s resolution: make my business look good

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It’s almost resolution season! And many resolutions center around looking good for the new year, so why not make the same goal for your business? As the years go by, the way your business looks can become dated, inaccurate, or unattractive. Refreshing your brand can help you maintain the affection of your current customers while enticing new ones. 

Keep What’s Working and Ditch What Isn’t

If you’ve been in business for a while, your logo is probably working for you and is connecting with your audience. Therefore, it will have brand recognition behind it, which is a great! However, you may still want to address the supporting elements of your brand to modernize your look. If your logo isn’t working for you now, due to a big brand evolution or a business change, then it may be time to consider a total rebrand. If so, check out: What’s A Rebrand & How Do I Know if I Need One?


Busy backgrounds, pages filled to the edges with text, a barrage of mismatched colors— it all must go. Simplifying your message and tossing out all unnecessary elements is a great way to update your look. Simple, clean designs and layouts are not only more attractive, but they are also much easier to understand. They draw customers to your brand and quickly communicate what you do and how you can help them.

Refresh your logo and branding to inspire confidence.

Fix Inconsistencies

Unless kept under watch, brands have a tendency to morph in unpredictable ways. This comes from multiple modifications over an extended period of time without any guidelines to keep your look on track. If you find that your brand has gone in several weird directions without you, it’s time to create a set of brand guidelines to dictate what is and is not acceptable to your brand. go through and make sure every piece of marketing and collateral follows those rules.

Add Something New

Adding in a new color to your color pallet or adding a new style of imagery to your look can breathe new life into a brand gone stale. You could also consider adding a new piece of collateral to your stack of tried and true promotional pieces. Trying a new strategy can have fantastic results, especially if your current audience thinks of you as predictable.

By acting on these few simple steps you can easily freshen the look of your business for the new year. 


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