What is a rebrand and how do I know if I need one?

What is a rebrand and how do I know if I need one?

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A quick definition of a rebrand is: the changing of a company’s or organization’s brand or look. There are a variety of reasons such a change would need to be made and are made all of the time, whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, small business, or non-profit.

What is a rebrand?

An Overhaul: You will reimagine your visual identity (logo, marketing material, online presence, etc) to reflect your organization’s values, tone, and personality.

An Audit: Just because you’re rebranding doesn’t mean you have to throw out everything and start from scratch. There are probably some elements of your current brand that are working for you that you should consider keeping. Keeping some elements of your current brand will make for a smoother transition, as your audience will recognize those elements and connect them with your business.

An Analysis: Complete research on what’s working well for your competitors, what your target audience is responding to, and trends in the market. You’ll also need to conduct some self analysis to define your values and differentiators. This information will be vital towards making decisions on what your business should look like.

An Announcement: A rebrand also consists of generating an announcement to the most important people to your business: the customers. When rebranding, expect to announce the new look to your current audience.

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Do I Need A Rebrand?

If the answer to any of the following questions is yes, you may need a rebrand.

Has your company grown significantly?

Is your visual identity dated?

Has your target audience changed?

Do you offer new or significantly different products or services?

Is your visual identity inconsistent?


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