Why is logo design so expensive?

Why is logo design so expensive?

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Why is logo design so expensive? Most likely, it’s not, it’s probably fairly priced for its value. It’s hard to comprehend how a product or service is priced, especially if you can’t immediately see every point of value.



Sometimes a good amount of value is in the process. For example, I get my hair done at a nice salon and my boyfriend simply can’t comprehend why I would spend $40 on a single haircut. The reason is that I’m getting a lot more value out of that service than just the end result. The same is true in logo design.

For example, I experience little perks of choosing my salon. They provide beverages and cookies, they hang up your coat, and there’s hardly ever a wait. When reviewing quotes take note of the other deliverables that are included. For example: will they be completing market research, will they create mood / inspiration boards, will they craft a creative brief, how many concepts or revisions do you receive? All of these deliverables contribute to the logo design’s overall value and success.

Back at the salon, my hairdresser provides great customer service, she’s very friendly and we chat the whole time. You will be interacting with your graphic designer frequently, so it’s important to consider customer service as one of the deciding factors when choosing a creative partner. Your designer should be a good fit within your company culture, get along well with you and your team, and they should provide clear and timely communication.

Another point of value my hairdresser provides is her detailed note taking during my visits so if I ask for that red hair dye I had done two years ago, she’s able to recreate that. Your logo is the most important element of your brand and as such you’re going to have lots of opinions about it. Your graphic designer should take detailed notes of all your feedback so that it may be incorporated in the next iteration. They should also be saving every version of your logo just in case you want to go back a few steps.

My hairdresser is also very skilled at her craft ‒ I’d have her do my hair everyday if I could. Another hidden value is the experience and style of your creative partner. Looking through each potential designer’s portfolio can help you decide which provider aligns with your vision of the company’s look.

There are many points of value to enjoy during each process; however, the only value anyone else sees is the end result ‒ the haircut or the logo. Knowing the process makes the price tag well worth it, but to those who don’t know, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze.


“You get what you pay for” ‒ the phrase applies to both haircuts and logos. When you receive a quote for a logo don’t just look at the bottom line. Inquire about their process and what’s included in that price. In my quotes I include an overview of my process, some of the hidden values, as well as an outline of the deliverables. See a sample below:


At the completion of this project you will receive a logo. But it’s not just about the destination, it’s about the journey, which is why you’ll find below an overview of my process.

Step 1: Kickoff meeting to discuss expectations, preferences, and processes

Step 2: A. Calvin Design provides a Creative Brief & mood boards based off of kickoff meeting and market research

Step 3: You approve / request revisions to Creative Brief (this does not count toward your 3 rounds of revisions during the design phase)

Step 4: After the Creative Brief is approved A. Calvin Design begins the design phase

Step 5: 3 Initial Concepts of the logo delivered

Step 6: First revision round – Concept choice & revision request of a single concept sent to A. Calvin Design. That concept is revised and delivered for the next review

Step 7: Second and third revision rounds

Step 8: Additional revision rounds upon request

Step 9: Final logo delivered in multiple file formats

It is the face of your company and it is your most important brand asset, so your logo will be the one consistent element that lasts over the course of your company’s lifetime. A logo’s success is often linked to the company’s ability to see it as an investment instead of an expenditure.

Ready to invest in your business’ success with a professionally designed logo?


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