Why Small Business Owners Should Ditch The Design Hat

Why small business owners should ditch the design hat

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Don’t Be a Mad Hatter

When you own your own small business or work for yourself, you tend to wear at least a half- dozen hats. You are the salesperson, customer service rep, content writer, secretary, and social media specialist. So, when your business is in need of a graphic design project, like a logo, business card, or marketing collateral, you may be tempted to try and save money by loading even more work onto yourself or kicking it over to an intern instead of hiring a trained and experienced graphic designer. This can quickly become a detriment to your business.

Looks Matter

We are visual creatures who are naturally attracted to things that are pleasing to the eye. Good quality designs denote good quality products and services. Investing in good graphic design by a professional gives your business credibility because, when you look professional and trustworthy, your audience will attribute those characteristics to your business. On the other hand, if you have dreadful design, your audience will attribute that to your business (even if your services are great). Looks matter, and they make an impact in your audience’s buying decisions.

Ditch that extra hat! Get a little help with the design stuff.

Telling Your Story

An experienced graphic designer is able to tell a story visually with deliberate design choices. Take for example this logo for Tilde Language Services. The script of the word Tilde connotes a relaxed and friendly manner while the slab serif font brings in tones of experience, knowledge, and stability. Also incorporated into the letter T is the tilde symbol itself, a subtle hint to the Spanish language that Tilde Language Services specializes in translating into English. Due to the purposeful design of the logo, we already have an idea of what Tilde Language Services does and how they conduct business.

Making You Memorable

A graphic designer will help increase your brand recognition by establishing and applying brand standards across all of your materials. From logo to brochure to website, your designer will apply colors, typefaces, and imagery chosen specifically for your business to create a consistency that will make your business memorable. Just as an amazing application of alliteration can help you remember a phrase, the repeated use of branded elements makes it easier for your audience to recall your business.

Design Is a Differentiator

A small business is never short on competition which is why it’s so important to find ways to stand out, whether that be with outstanding customer service, special features, or engaging design. A trained graphic designer can help you find interesting ways to communicate your story that will differentiate you from your competitors while making you more memorable to your audience.

Design Brings in the Bucks

An experienced graphic designer doesn’t just make your business look good, they craft attractive designs that persuade your audience. A purpose-driven design for an online ad entices your audience to click the call to action button. A well designed outdoor sign piques the interest of a passersby and leads to a website visit or phone call. The short of it is: good design brings new customers to your business.

Hire a Freelance Graphic Designer to Wear the Design Hat

As a small business owner, you’re wearing enough hats. One more is bound to topple the whole stack! Do yourself and your business a solid by hiring a freelance graphic designer to wear the design hat. A freelance graphic designer will establish an engaging brand that tells your story, makes you memorable, differentiates you from your competitors, and brings in the bucks.


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