Why White Space is Good Space

Why white space is good space

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White space is the cornerstone to any good design. It is the difference between legible and illegible, clean and cluttered, engaged and overlooked, or even sale and lost opportunity. White space allows designers to create attractive and engaging layouts. So, what is this magical thing called white space, and what are the benefits?


White space is an area of a layout design that is left blank or empty. It does not (as the name implies) have to be white. There are two types of white space: active and passive.

Active white space is an intentional use of empty space to enhance the design.

Passive white space is a natural occurrence of empty space, such as margins or the spaces between words.


Legibility & Readability White space enhances your audience’s ability to read your message.

Increases Comprehension Research shows that using white space between paragraphs increases comprehension by 20% (Lin, 2004).

Hierarchy Surrounding an element in your layout with white space instantly establishes it as the focal point of your design.

Flow White space helps you structure your layout, and it provides flow for your audience to follow.

Clean Aesthetic Using white space effectively creates a feeling of organization, cleanliness, and balance which is attractive to the eye.

Need help incorporating white space in your marketing materials?


There is a strong urge to fit as much content and messaging as possible within the available space. It’s understandable, you want to communicate to your audience all of the things that make your business and services great. But beware, trying to force every fact, benefit, and selling point into the composition will create a busy and unengaging design. Without clear legibility, hierarchy, and flow, you will lose the attention of your audience.


By making white space a priority, you will ensure that your collateral will be engaging and attractive to your audience. Designs that utilize white space break through the clutter and communicate your message clearly and effectively. So, while you may not be able to say everything you want to say all at once, you will be able to say what you need to say. and, the best part is, your audience will hear it.


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