Happy 6th Birthday A. Calvin Design!

Happy 6th Birthday A. Calvin Design!

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A. Calvin Design is excited to celebrate over half a decade of helping our clients embrace and promote their businesses with confidence. We’ve grown from a solo freelancing venture into a boutique agency with a core team of freelancers collaborating on identity design, website design, animation, illustration, and graphic design projects. We’ve had the pleasure to design for translators, interpreters, photographers, actors, non-profit organizations, and even dog trainers!

The ACD Difference

While we’ve been helping our clients highlight and promote their key differentiators, we’ve been honing ours. We love doing business our way, and we’ve found that our clients like it too!

1. Education focused
We make it a point to provide you with the reasoning behind our design decisions because if you don’t know why works, how can you be confident in the solution? To top it all off, we provide you with guidelines to ensure you can keep your brand working for you for years to come. 

2. Giving you the keys
We know how important it is for you to have control over your brand and website. You shouldn’t have to wait for us to give you a logo file or fix a typo on your website. These are your marketing materials, you should have full access to them! This is why we provide you with a comprehensive set of files with every design project and offer training to ensure you’re never left waiting on website adjustments. 

3. Communication is key
Our design process is deeply rooted in communication. From the introductory meeting to the close of a project, we keep you in the loop on where we are in a project’s process. You’ll never be in the dark as to what’s coming up next. 

4. Deadline driven
We believe that good business means making deadlines. We start every project with a detailed timeline and set clear expectations on when designs will be delivered and feedback will be returned. This keeps our projects on time and on budget. 

5. Friendliness & respect
Whether its realigning your design project to better suit your goals, letting you know when we find something that doesn’t work quite right, or doing our best to lend a hand you’re in a tight spot, we are the partner that’s looking out for you. Business is hard, but it’s easier when we can help each other in the best way we know how. 

6. Bring the fun!
This is who we are as people. We love design, and we want you to love it too! We always strive to be the fun meeting on your schedule. We’re ready to start with a smile and enjoy building relationships while we build brands. 

Check Out Some of Our Favorite Projects from Last Year

Want to see some more of our favorite design projects?

We cannot wait to begin our 6th year of doing what we love: bringing confidence to our clients! We’re looking forward to completing some great designs in the coming months, so please come back to visit our portfolio soon. From everyone here at A. Calvin Design LLC, we wish you a wonderful 2023!


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