Is Your Logo Making a Good First Impression?


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Is your logo making a good first impression? When it’s introduced to your audience, do they think, “Wow, this is the type of company that I want to work with?”

Think of your brand’s first impression like an interview. If you want to land the gig, it’s important that your looks and actions present the great qualities and characteristics your potential boss (AKA your potential customers) is looking for. Think of your logo as the face of your company. It’s the feature people see first, and it immediately starts shaping their opinion of you.

Are you making a poor first impression?

So let’s say you come in for the interview and you have wild bed head, your eyes are bloodshot, your glasses are being held together with duct tape, and there’s a piece of hard candy stuck to your cheek.

What kinds of opinions would your interviewer draw from your appearances, alone? Your interviewer would probably open the door, stop, say,  “Yeah, hey, thanks for coming in but I actually have this really important meeting right now, so let’s reschedule this for…never. Okay thanks bye!” A bad impression can shut doors before you’ve even had the chance to open them.

The logo equivalent of that unsuccessful impression is this: Your logo is misleading and doesn’t give an accurate indication of what you do. It includes off-putting or unexpected colors that cause illegibility and discomfort. The logo is stretched and pixelated, it’s bad quality and is hard to read. To top it all off, your logo has a spelling error, which, once noticed, cannot be ignored.

In terms of brand, your logo is your business’ first impression to the world. When you put anything less than your best face forward, what you show to your interviewer (or potential customers) is that you are not concerned with the quality of your business. Why, then, should they trust you to provide quality products or excellent service for theirs?

Worried about your logo’s first impression?

Is Your Logo Making a Good First Impression?

Are you making a great first impression?

Let’s say that you arrive to the interview with your hair meticulously arranged, your make-up tastefully applied, you have your favorite earrings in, and you’re rocking a brilliant smile. You are warmly welcomed by the interviewer into the building, and she says, “Hello! Follow me, we’ll be in this meeting room. I love your hair!”

In terms of brand, the equivalent to that scenario would be that your logo provides an indication of what you do. It’s attractive, and it even has a brief and descriptive tagline. It sets a tone or personality for your brand that resonates with your audience.

In these positive scenarios you’ve got your ducks in a row. Establishing a good logo for your business gives you and your audience confidence in your brand. It also establishes a sense of trust between your brand and potential customers, because those that have their act together are typically less likely to let them down.


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