Graphic Design


The classic tri-fold; it’s a staple marketing piece for any business. However popular this format may be, it’s not the easiest of formats to work in due to its 6 panels and varying visual flows. So, when Amber Marcum Combaud was in need of a tri-fold brochure design to market her business, she reached out to A. Calvin Design. The goal for the design was to reflect AMC Communication’s brand, share a wealth of information, and showcase the business as professional and approachable.


Established by Amber Marcum Combaud, AMC Communication is a French to English translations company that translates corporate communications, ttechnical and official documents.


AMC Commincation’s tri-fold design is meticulously branded from the brand colors, fonts, down to the application of photography. The structured application of type and ample white space creates a clean and professional aesthetic, while the light application of texture adds a friendly tone.

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