Motion Graphic Design


In 2017, the UN adopted a resolution that recognized language professionals’ key role in connecting countries and promoting peace and understanding. They declared September 30th as International Translation Day. ATA decided in 2018 that they would use this holiday to educate their audience and the audiences of their members on what translators and interpreters do and other key insights of their industry. In 2018, I worked with ATA to create a series of infographics that would be shared throughout International Translation Day. The next year in 2019, they wanted to step up their graphics to communicate their message “A Day in the Life of a Translator and Interpreter” through visuals, motion, and sound.


The American Translators Association (ATA) is a professional organization whose purpose is to advance the translation and interpreting professions and foster the development of their members. There are over 10,000 members in ATA, they are translators, interpreters, teachers, project managers, web and software developers, language company owners, hospitals, universities, and government agencies.

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