C3 Translators: Website Design


Website Design


We met Tom Fennel while exhibiting at the 62nd annual conference of the American Translations Association. He had just invested in a new logo design for his business C3 Translations and was interested in getting help with his website design. The goals for his website design would be to embody his new brand, SEO optimize his content, and maintain an editing-friendly environment for him and his team. 


C3 Translators is a translation firm specializing in legal topics. They translate Russian, Japanese, French, German into English. Their team is made up of certified translators who work together to deliver high-quality projects.


The website design is clean, easy to navigate, and deeply rooted in C3 Translators‘ brand. The website makes use of a classic serif and sans-serif pairing which feels both professional and modern. The hero images reinforce the C3 branding by utilizing the symbol as a visual anchor or texture. We designed the website using our favorite web builder, Divi on WordPress which allows us full customization while maintaining ease of editing for Tom and his team.

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