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Identity Design | Website Design


A true example that new connections and projects can be found when you least expect them, we met Colton Weiss during a trip to IKEA. He and Amanda got to talking about his work and we ended up with two new projects: an identity design and a website redesign. Colton wanted to convey his big-city voice coaching skills with a midwest heart. His identity design should be friendly, energetic, and welcoming.


Colton Weiss is the sole proprietor of CW Coaching. He provides professional voice, speech, acting, and dialect coaching for passionate learners. He is a professorial actor and coach based in Columbus, Ohio. Vocal coaching allows him to connect with and help others access their inner potential and to contribute to the performing arts with a sense of purpose.


The logo design features a serif font which gives the mark an elegant and professional aesthetic. We’ve paired it with a sans-serif which provides a sense of honesty, modernity, and accessibility. For the symbol, we’ve crafted a monogram within a circle. The circle is an abstract reference to a spotlight. The primary color of the branding and website is purple. Purple carries with it connotations of bravery, creativity, quality, and cheerfulness. 

The website design is clean and friendly with lots of white space and cheerful circles in the background. The website features plenty of small animations to bring the iconography and content to life. The multi-media portfolio on the acting page allows Colton’s audience to get a full understanding of the width and breadth of his talents. Overall, the site embodies a fun, big city look while being welcoming, down-to-earth, and informative.

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