Greener Words: Identity Design

Greener Words: Identity Design

Identity Design


Abigail came to A. Calvin Design with the goal of rebranding her business which was currently Print Translations. She had her current logo for a couple of years but believed the growth and evolution of her company warranted a new look that conveyed professionalism, experience, approachability, and exo-friendliness. She also lacked a tagline, something we thought she could use.


Abigail Dahlberg has 20 years in international communications serving the waste and resources management industry, her boutique company Greener Words specializes in crafting copy that is anything but rubbish. 


The final design for Greener Word utilizes a serif font that conveys a sense of professionalism and experience. By using lower case we make the logo more friendly and approachable. The sans-serif (tagline) brings a modern and simple aesthetic. The overall style of this mark is professional, clean, and direct. We communicate the focus in the environmental industry with the subtle use of the leaf as a period and the integration of the leaf shape in the descender of the “g.” Alongside the logo design, we offered a new tagline, one that was environmental, simple, and future-forward, which read with the business name says: greener words for a greener world.

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