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Website Design


LocWizards specializes in gaming localization for Polish audiences. In a market filled with fun and fantasy, the LocWizards website needed to capture this same spirit. Founder, Ewlina, was ready to redesign her website to better reflect her business’s creative nature, appealing to her target markets in e-commerce, digital marketing, and game development. The goal was to create a dynamic website with engaging illustrations and animations to enhance the messaging.


At LocWizards, Ewlina Zatryb is passionate about bringing content to life for Polish markets. Playfully referring to herself as a localization wizard, she’s a talented, hard-working linguist with a love for all things gaming. She knows the countless hours you have dedicated to your video game, application, or software and believes those efforts should be matched in the translation process.


Ewlina and her team pour passion, professionalism, and skill into every project on which they work. In the end, Amanda Calvin Designs created a whimsical and fun design to capture the inventiveness of LocWizards.

I would like to thank Amanda and her team for their outstanding work on my website and LinkedIn banner design. From the initial stages of the project, Amanda and her team exhibited a commendable level of professionalism and creativity. Their attention to detail and commitment were remarkable. I was particularly impressed with their ability to understand my requirements and translate them into visually stunning designs. The onboarding and offboarding experience have been a breeze too. Thank you for your exceptional work and dedication.”

Ewlina Zatryb

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