Identity Design


Carolin, owner and founder of Prose, has had over two decades of hands-on experience in translation, editing, and subtitling, But during that time she was operating mostly through word-of-mouth under her own name. When we met at the 63rd American Translators Association Conference, Carolin decided that it was time to begin investing in her business, set up a company name, and build a brand. We were excited to help Carolin create an identity design that embraced her joyful, modern, and clean aesthetic preferences.


Prose Language Services offers Spanish translations that compel and connect with audiences. The goal is to craft content that properly conveys the message in a way that’s contextualized and understood in the target language and culture.


Overall this logo design is approachable, modern, and authentic. The sans-serif font pairing provides a sense of direct honesty, simplicity, and modernity. The mark is anchored by the stylized, modular P symbol, embodying the Greek word Prose which means adaptable. The multicolored lines that create the P shape are all moving in different directions to mimic the changing of one language to the other. The lines can also be interpreted as pages on the side of a book.

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