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One of the best compliments we receive is when clients choose to work with us again when new projects arise. We’re honored to have worked with Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo on a variety of projects such as a website design for her language services company or a book design for her latest publication. When she contacted us to help her with a full rebrand after acquiring a new business, we were honored to help her bring this new vision to life!


Pure Language Services is a full-service team, specializing in both oral interpreting and written translation as well as scheduling and project management. They have a team of talented linguists who work in a variety of languages.

Logo Design Before:

Logo Design After A. Calvin Design:

Website Design Before:

Website Design After A. Calvin Design:


Since Pure Language Services was rebranding due to new ownership, we wanted to stay true to the original logo design while giving it new life to better reflect its vision going forward. For the new logo design, we kept the original blue in the icon and added a dynamic gradient to create a more modern aesthetic. We adjusted the symbol to reflect a “P” and a speech bubble. This new symbol communicates interpreting (which is the business’s main service) more quickly than the original symbol. The sans-serif font was chosen because it sets a technical, professional, and approachable tone.

The website design is clean with plenty of white space, icons, and imagery to break up the content. The new website offers a wealth of information in easily digestible sections. Overall, the site embodies a direct, professional look while being calm, approachable, and informative.

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