Puressence Yoga: Retreat Brochure

Puressence Yoga: Retreat Brochure

Graphic Design


Lisa was in need of a redesigned brochure for her second annual yoga and mindfulness retreat to Paris in Greece. Her brochure from the first year included too much text and not enough color. It did not give her audience the feeling of a relaxing day at a yoga retreat. The goal for the new design would be to cut down on the verbiage, increase the size of photographs, utilize the color pallet of Puressence’s new branding, and craft a layout that included white space and made it easy to digest the content.


Puressence Yoga is a yoga and mindfulness business run by instructor Lisa Laney. Lisa is an experienced, E-RYT-certified yoga teacher. She’s living and teaching in Philadelphia where she continues to encourage a safe and supportive atmosphere filled with humor, compassion, and love.

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