Sam Mowry: Identity Design

Sam Mowry: Identity Design

Identity Design


Sam posted to Twitter asking for logo designer referrals from her fellow language professionals, who came back with a fairly unified voice of A. Calvin Design! She wanted to invest in a logo that would help to communicate her professionalism and expertise in the field of French to English translation. She had seen the work we completed for Greener Words and wanted to explore visual concepts that incorporated shape making within the negative or white space.


Sam Mowry is a professional translator certified by the American Translators Association. She makes English text sing as beautifully and read as clearly and concisely as it was written in French. Clients worked hard on their text; she works hard on their text in English.


The final logo design leans bold and direct with a heavy sans-serif which provides a sense of honesty, modernity, and accessibility. We paired the bold font with a simple symbol that’s packed with visual metaphor. First, there is the French flag which refers to the language Sam translates. Second, there is a cross created by the white space which subtly references her work in the NGO medical field. Lastly, there are the ellipses that start out as circles and end as a square, this is representative of translation. 


In Sam’s own words:

“Amanda is a pure joy to work with. I’ve never met anyone with such a good handle on timelines and expectations. Everything is extremely straightforward and you know exactly what is expected of you and when. And besides that, the logo she made for me is *perfect* for me. She is extremely thorough and really understood what I want to convey with my logo and made it happen. Honestly I’m just excited to come up with more things I need designed so I have an excuse to hire her again.”

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