Smart Habits for Translators Podcast


Graphic Design


Veronika and Madalena were planning to launch a podcast but didn’t have the visual materials they needed for launch. They needed podcast cover art and social media images to promote the show. They wanted something informal, a bit lighthearted, and something that gave the feeling of work-life balance.


Smart Habits for Translators is a podcast created by professional freelance translators Veronika Demichelis and Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo. During each episode, they share smart habits and share some simple strategies to help their fellow freelance translators build their careers and achieve the lifestyles they desire.

Smart Habits for Translators Podcast
Smart Habits for Translators Post: Don't Miss this Episode
Smart Habits for Translators Post: Simple Strategies
Smart Habits for Translators Post: Podcast Available


The wordmark features loose and casual hand-drawn script and sans-serif fonts. This establishes a friendly and informal tone for the podcast. The cool color pallet with pops of green provides a serene aesthetic, which paired with the podcast’s iconography, promotes the idea of work-life balance.

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