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David Swain reached out to us with the hopes to create a logo, supporting corporate materials, and website design. As a translator specializing in the legal industry, David wanted to convey a serious and professional tone with his brand. It was key that the look of his business made a trustworthy and qualified first impression.


David Swain, of Swain Language Services, is a highly skilled legal translator and copy editor with an absolute commitment to quality. He crafts flawless, clearly written English legal texts, by translating them from French, Spanish or Portuguese or by editing and proofreading them for clarity and concision.


The logo design is anchored with a symbol built within the confines of a balanced and structured shape: a square. This begins to build a visual metaphor of translating within the bounds of accuracy and legality. We continue on that metaphorical path by constructing that square out of different colored arrows arranged in a cyclical manner. These arrows are representative of translation. These arrow elements create a square but also create a stylized S within the white space. By incorporating the initial of David’s last name we hint towards his ownership and that his client base can expect to interact with him during their project. The overall style of this identity is professional, modern, and friendly.


In David’s own words:

“It was a pleasure working with Amanda on my visual identity and website. I had initially intended to just have her do the visual identity work, planning to build the site myself, but a quick look at some of Amanda’s previous projects made me realize that my own efforts would be nowhere near as good as her work. I definitely made the right choice: Amanda did stellar work on producing a sleek, attractive website, expertly incorporating her own design work into it. Where I had my own ideas and requests she included them, but she also – several times – suggested things I would never have thought of myself. I can’t recommend her work highly enough.”

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