Tango Translations: Brand Audit + Identity Design


Identity Design | Graphic Design


We met María Baker while exhibiting at the 62nd annual conference of the American Translations Association. She reached out to us with the desire to evaluate and improve her brand. We decided to start out with a brand audit to review the current state of the brand and provide María with actionable recommendations for improvements. In the new year, María’s strategy for her business had shifted to creating a new LLC which would require a new identity design. The brand would need to convey approachability, reliability, and high-quality service.


María Baker is the Owner and Translator at Tango Translations. She provides translation services into Spanish, bi-directional interpreting English-Spanish, and copyediting in Spanish. She primarily serves the medical, educational, and governmental industries.


The final logo design is professional and friendly. The typeface is a personable slab-serif. Slab-serif fonts blend the connotations of professionalism and experience from a serif style while balancing it with the modernity and friendliness of a sans-serif font. The “t” is doing double duty by being a key character of the word mark but also acting as the symbol for the logo. The dancing “t” is crafted as a visual metaphor for tango dancing and hints at language with the quotation mark at its head. The primary color of the logo design is coral. Coral carries with it perceptions of comfort, prosperity, and optimism. We’ve paired it with a soft pink associated with kindness, joy, and compassion. Altogether these colors set a tone that is friendly and optimistic.

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