Tango Translations: Website Design


Website Design


Tango Translations specializes in language services in the fields of healthcare and education. Both fields require trust, expertise, and discretion. When the founder, Maria, commissioned us to redesign her website, we were thrilled to give her site a new look with the same professionalism her industry requires.


María Baker, owner and translator at Tango Translation and Interpreting, provides translation services into Spanish, bi-directional interpreting in English-Spanish, and Spanish copyediting. She primarily serves the medical, educational, and governmental industries.


The website design for Tango Translations makes use of ample white space to create a clean, professional aesthetic. The design’s use of paper texture and icon patterns breaks up the space to create visual interest and keep the audience engaged throughout. Content is broken up into skimmable paragraphs for quick reading. Overall, the site conveys the boutique translation firm as modern and professional.

“Amanda and her team did a wonderful job with the design of my brand elements and my website. They really polished my online presence. I absolutely recommend their services, especially to translators and interpreters.”

María Baker

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