The Online Presence Roadmap: Book Design & Illustration


Graphic Design | Illustration


Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo reached out to us during the summer of ‘22 with wonderful news; her plan to release the book she’d been writing was set to coincide with this year’s ATA Annual Conference. Although some chapters were still in progress, she was ready to begin exploring the look and feel of her first book. It would be titled The Online Presence Roadmap and would serve as a resource guide on online marketing for translators and interpreters. The book design should feel approachable, practical, and professional.


Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo is the owner of Accessible Translation Solutions (ATS), a boutique translation company based in Southern California. She is also a freelance Spanish and certified Portuguese to English translator and an online presence coach for T&I professionals. With more than a decade of experience in the language professions, Madalena shares her knowledge and years of research to help freelance translators and interpreters improve their online presence.


The final book design for The Online Presence Roadmap embodied the vision set forth at the beginning of the project. We crafted a book with a friendly, journey-driven cover, using an illustrative style that’s modern and optimistic. The interior of the book maintains a clear typographic hierarchy and makes use of a classic serif and sans-serif dichotomy. The book also features delightful small illustrative moments to call attention to chapter headings, “cheat tips,” and success stories from colleagues. All together, the book’s aesthetic is modern, approachable, and sensible.

 In Madalena’s own words:

Amanda and her illustrator, Holly, brought the book I’d been working on for over a year to life. They understood the vision I had and came up with a design that fit my branding and the concept beautifully. I am so happy with how the book cover and interior turned out. They were quick to respond as I worked through the final, publication details to ensure that the book would look perfect both in print and digital formats. I highly recommend Amanda and her team!

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