Tilde Language Services: Trade Show Design


Graphic Design | Motion Graphic Design


We’re proud to be Tilde Language Services’ creative partner and of the projects we’ve completed together such as the identity design and website redesign. So when Jamie formulated a new marketing strategy, we were there to help. Tilde Language Services would be seeking out more direct clients by going to their conferences and events. She planned to attend 2-3 shows during 2022 and would need to outfit her exhibit booth with a banner, mini-flyers, notebooks, and a motion graphic.


Tilde Language Services is a woman-owned small business based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania offering a full array of Spanish and English language translation services since 2015. While their main business is translation, Tilde offers related professional services such as transcription, editing, proofreading, and formatting to make them a one-stop-shop for your written language needs.


The tradeshow booth was designed to catch the attention of attendees from across a busy exhibit hall. The use of Tilde’s strong orange would call attention to the booth and the animation playing on-screen would attract eyes. We recommended that she utilize a display to prop up her mini-flyers to ensure that there were varying heights to create visual interest. Lastly, her notebooks feature a Spanish-English glossary and would serve as a resourceful giveaway item. 

In Jamie’s own words:

“I didn’t know where to begin with creating a booth that would reflect Tilde’s image and catch the eye of prospective clients at trade shows. Amanda helped me through the process from start to finish, creating all the collateral for a beautiful exhibit that I’ve received lots of compliments on. It’s great to have a graphic design partner who is so versatile and easy to work with!”

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