Tilde Language Services


Brand Identity


I was brought in at the very conception of Tilde Language Services and was asked to craft an identity, corporate materials, and marketing materials. Jamie Hartz, Founder and Spanish Translator, wanted to have a clean identity that was simple to implement in Microsoft Software. She would be acting as every position in her company (marketer, writer, PR, translator, etc.), especially at the start, so it was paramount that the brand be easily applicable.


Tilde Language Services is a woman owned translations company based in Lancaster Pennsylvania. It is comprised of a close network of qualified full-time freelancers dedicated to providing accurate translations to clients nation wide.


When I started sketching the logo I kept in mind a few key characteristics: clean, simple, professional, friendly, and tilde. The final artwork was a simple wordmark crafted from a loose cursive typeface with the main alteration being the top of the T was made into a tilde mark. To ensure versatility, I crafted 2 logo lockups: the stacked primary lockup and the horizontal secondary lockup . I also included a favicon to be used with the company’s website which displayed the tilde T with a loose circle.

I wanted to keep Tilde’s materials as clean as the wordmark by designing with plenty of whitespace, clear hierarchy, and a grid system. I also wanted to incorporate a pattern to use as a decorative touch to materials that would break up the white space and add subtle complexity to the simplified look, but I didn’t want to use a general shape or lines. So, I crafted the interlocking tilde T pattern which is unique to and emphasizes the Tilde brand. Both the capabilities flyer and business card designs make use of the interlocking tilde T pattern.

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