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A creative brief is a document that will serve as a guide for your project. It outlines the deliverables, key details, and your expectations and preferences. Just as you wouldn’t want your contractor to begin constructing your dream house without a blueprint, you wouldn’t want  your designer to start a design project without a creative brief.


1. Introduces your business and what you do. In order to craft a successful design, your designer will need to understand your business and brand. This is especially important if this is the first time you and your graphic designer have worked with each other.

2. Sets a goal or defines a purpose. Explaining the purpose of the piece and what you want it to accomplish will help your designer understand your goals and craft solutions that address them.

3. Establishes a timeline. You and your graphic designer are busy people. Establishing a timeline will keep both sides accountable while ensuring that the project is completed on time.

4. Describes your preferences. Describing your tone and design preferences will provide your graphic designer with a set of visual parameters to work within and ensure that the design will fit within your established brand.



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1. Gets everyone on the same page. Whether it’s just you and your designer or your team and your designer, a creative brief ensures that everyone is on the same page.

2. Saves time. A creative brief will decrease the amount of time needed to complete your project. It kicks off the design process with clear and thorough communication, which can eliminate unnecessary revisions and adjustments in creative direction.

3. Makes the final design more successful. A greater quality design is a direct result of setting clear objectives and expectations at the start of your project.

4. Maintains its value. A creative brief continues to be valuable, even after your project has been completed. The creative brief can be a useful tool in future design projects, serving as a reminder of what went right.


Whether you, as the project owner, approach your designer with a creative brief already in hand, or if one is written by your designer, make sure to have a creative brief at the start of a project. It will ensure that a quality solution will be crafted with your goals, preferences, and time stipulations in mind.


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