Graphic Design


The client wanted the t-shirt design to be simple so it could be printed in a small run for opening day at Progressive Field. He wanted the design to include the shape of Ohio, a very popular trend popping up in local merchandise, the word loyal, and the feather from the Indian’s emblem.


People say that Cleveland fans are the most loyal fans to their teams. We always hope. We always cheer. We usually lose. But we never stray. Baseball season was swiftly approaching when we were asked to design a T-Shirt dedicated to the sentiment of loyalty to the Cleveland Indians.


Within the small window of a weekend, I set to work sketching, illustrating, and mocking up the design. The final artwork incorporated all the desired components and would be incredibly cheap and easy to get printed at a local shop. The happy client was ready for his day at the field.


Leahy Life Plan

When Leahy Life Plan needed a redesigned website that helped to communicate their mission effectively to their audience they turned to A. Calvin Design.

Enterprise-Wide Visibility: A Motion Graphic

When Vantage Agora needed a promotional motion graphic designed for their software they turned to A. Calvin Design.

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