ATA Translations Day Infographics



ATA wanted to celebrate National Translations Day by educating their audience about the translation and interpreting professions through an infographic social media campaign.


The American Translators Association (ATA) is a professional organization whose purpose is to advance the translation and interpreting professions and foster the development their members. 


The solution was to create 6 clean and branded vector infographics in two different sizes to work across a variety of social media channels. The majority of the infographics included friendly characters to engage the audience and help communicate the message. Just after one day of being posted, the first infographic alone had a reach of 18k, hitting the goal of reaching out and educating their audience.


Logo Assortment #3

Whether you are a translator, podcast host, brewer, or accountant, A. Calvin Design crafts logos that bring you confidence. Check out some logos here.

VaVa Virtual Assistants

When VaVa Virtual needed a full page ad designed for their next conference, they turned to A. Calvin Design

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