Augment Therapy: 2019 Year in Review Infographic



Augment Therapy wanted to do their annual review in a different format from the typical PDF or pamphlet. They decided that an infographic would be a great way to share their accomplishments. The infographic format would allow them to share it with their audience across all of their online channels: website, email, and social media platforms. The infographic should reference the software and also a rocket to denote the companies upward trajectory.


Augment Therapy is an interactive software that uses the medium of augmented reality to engage kids to exercise. Using depth-sensing camera technology, Augment Therapy functions as a motivational tool, exercise prompt, and progress tracker for children needing therapeutic exercise.


ATA Translations Day Infographics

A. Calvin Design partners with the American Translators Association to educate their audience about their industry through an infographic social media campaign.

Twin Translations: Interpreters, Technology, and Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

When Judy Jenner and Sergio Llorian needed illustrations for their presentation at Nordic Translation Industry Forum they partnered with A. Calvin Design.

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