Graphic Design


Augment Therapy was provided with the wonderful opportunity to advertise with Inspired Treehouse, which is one of the largest social media gathering places of pediatric therapists. The ad needed to promote their software to potential users, include direct links to their website, two calls to action, and it needed to be completed in 3 days.


Augment Therapy is an interactive software that uses the medium of augmented reality to engage kids to exercise. 


Twin Translations: Looking for My Crystal Ball Illustrations

After a sub-par experience with another designer, Judy Jenner was referred to A. Calvin Design by a fellow American Translators Association (ATA) member for help with illustrating graphics for her upcoming keynote presentation.

ATA International Translations Day Motion Graphic

To celebrate 2019’s International Translation day, we worked with ATA to create a motion graphic called “A Day in the Life of a Translator and Interpreter.”

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