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The main challenge was to create a classy and visually engaging website design—a site that would display all of justCURATED’s services while showcasing the company’s style and personality. But as with all projects, the design was not the only challenge that needed to be addressed. For instance, Rhyan was concerned with establishing her website in a limited span of time, seeing as for months, when potential clients searched for her online, all that appeared was a “coming soon” page. But even with a tight timeline, it was critical that Rhyan be regularly informed on the progress and changes to the site. So justCURATED needed a website that could be developed quickly, within budget, and Rhyan needed a good communicator with which to partner. Lastly, once it had all been designed and created, it needed to be easy for Rhyan to edit and add information, in order for her to take ownership and control of her site. Designing a website with A. Calvin Design is unique in that, upon completion of the project, the small business owner retains total control of their site. They are left with the skills and tools to become their website’s administrator, meaning when something need to be edited, they only need to log-in and edit it.


justCURATED is a woman-owned image curation agency with a mission to EMPOWER clients with CONFIDENCE—not just in the way they look, but in how they present themselves. justCURATED helps clients present themselves as the entire “package” while showcasing their unique personalities. They do this through a complete revisioning of a client’s appearance, behavior, communication, and digital footprint.


The final design for the justCURATED website was crafted to convey classiness, friendliness, and style. The black and white color pairing gives an air of class and timelessness while the subtle use of teal brings a fresh and friendly softness to the otherwise high contrast color palette. The fonts were chosen for a similar purpose. The serif Bodoni promotes a chic and high fashion aesthetic, while the script Cinque Donne adds a personal touch. One of the key aspects of the design was to show, not tell, which is why we decided to use a good amount of photography. The final design shows Rhyan’s audience what they can expect when they work with justCURATED: a friendly, classy, and curated service that inspires confidence.

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