Website Design


Leahy Life Plan needed a redesigned website that helped to communicate their mission effectively to their audience. Their current website lacked a cohesive look and needed a new clean and modern aesthetic that established a clear visual language. The site also needed SEO optimized content to help attract their audience more effectively. Lastly, Leahy Life Plan is a business centered around helping those with disabilities, so the new website had to be accessible.


Leahy Life Plan is a woman-owned disability life planning firm, they specialize in aligning with other professionals to maximize the disability benefits and quality of life available to their clients and establish the best long-term plan.


The new site offers key accessibility features such as keyboard accessibility (where one can use the tab and enter keys to navigate the whole website), screen reader accessibility (which audibly reads text and alternate text from images), high contrast (to help discern between colors), and font size adjustment (to make content easier to read). The redesign also shows off a cohesive new look that is in line with Leahy Life Plan’s updated logo.


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