Graphic Design


Limitless Ambition wanted to sell custom-designed t-shirts with the goal of raising funds and awareness for their organization and programs. The shirts needed to be empowering, not just in the written phrases but also in their design. We wanted these shirts to be worn proudly by supporters and program participants. 


Limitless Ambition is a non-profit whose mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire women to dream without limits. They support young women by offering academic guidance, career coaching, and emotional support through mentorship programs, online initiatives, and resources.

Work Hard
Work Hard and Make it Happen
I Am Limitless
Dream Believe Achieve


The goal of the t-shirt design was to be trendy and upbeat while also being low-cost to print. I focused on creating simple, fashionable, typographic based designs with motivating phrases that would spread the message and mission of Limitless Ambition. Each t-shirt design uses only two colors, not only creating a modern and clean look, but also making them fairly cheap to produce. The pairing of the dramatic slab-serif and flowing script make for a high-fashion look any young woman would be proud to wear.


ATA Translations Day Infographics

A. Calvin Design partners with the American Translators Association to educate their audience about their industry through an infographic social media campaign.

Puppy Portraits

A. Calvin Design’s custom illustrated Puppy Portraits are a perfect gift for any dog lover.

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