Brand Identity


The challenge was to create a new logo for Vantage Agora that incorporated the colors red, yellow, and green. This stoplight system of colors is key to the culture of the company and also represents their process of project management. Corporate materials needed to be designed as well, such as letterhead, business cards, email signatures, and a capabilities flyer. 

They were in need of another logo, but this was for their proprietary software. The logos had to mesh well together but still be different enough so as not to be confused with one another.


Vantage Agora is a provider of back-office solutions, consulting services, and software. They seek to provide operational excellence by implementing Six Sigma principles in every process they touch and all technology they develop. Their customers enjoy savings created by Vantage Agora’s risk free and secure solutions that improve productivity while reducing mistakes.


The final solutions make a professional and trustworthy impression. To ensure cohesion both logos were designed with the same typeface and both include the stoplight dots. The corporate materials have a strong grid system to create an orderly and traditional aesthetic. 


Logo Assortment #2

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