Graphic Design


This ad would be placed in a conference pamphlet, whose audience would be busy shuffling between talks and networking sessions with a few minutes to check what’s next on the agenda. The challenge was to design an ad that would grab the attention of the busy attendees and then communicate the message quickly and effectively. 


The VaVa team has a passion for helping business owners achieve the work-life balance they desire by taking care of the daily back-end tasks that take them away from building their own businesses.


The final solutions make a professional and trustworthy impression. To ensure cohesion both logos were designed with the same typeface and both include the stoplight dots. The corporate materials have a strong grid system to create an orderly and traditional aesthetic. 


Branded Social Media

37% of consumers finding purchase inspiration through social media channels, which is why companies turn to A. Calvin Design for branded social media posts.

Why Small Business Owners Should Ditch The Design Hat

As a small business owner, you’re wearing enough hats. Consider a freelance graphic designer to attract customers while lightening your load.

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