Motion Graphic Design


Vantage Agora was seeking a motion graphic solution that would provide assistance with selling and promoting their product which is a BOS (Business Operating System) called OX Zion. They had experienced a particular stumbling block during their sales communication with potential customers. Their audience really wasn’t sure what a BOS was or comprehend how it would help them. This motion graphic serves as both an informational and promotional tool to help them sell to potential customers.


Vantage Agora is a provider of back-office solutions, consulting services, and software. Their Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion, is a one-stop solution for operational intelligence that increases visibility, productivity, and profitability. 


Kellogg, Wrigley, & Associates, Inc.

When accounting firm Kellogg, Wrigley, & Associates was in need of a logo, business card, and website design they turned to A. Calvin Design.

Tilde Language Services

When Spanish to English Translator, Jamie Hartz, started her business, Tilde Language Services, she chose A. Calvin Design to craft the brand identity.

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