Motion Graphic Design


Vantage Agora was seeking a motion graphic solution that would provide assistance with selling and promoting their product which is a BOS (Business Operating System) called OX Zion. They had experienced a particular stumbling block during their sales communication with potential customers. Their audience really wasn’t sure what a BOS was or comprehend how it would help them. This motion graphic serves as both an informational and promotional tool to help them sell to potential customers.


Vantage Agora is a provider of back-office solutions, consulting services, and software. Their Business Operating System (BOS), OX Zion, is a one-stop solution for operational intelligence that increases visibility, productivity, and profitability. 


Spring Cleaning for Brand Consistency

Follow these 5 simple steps to review your business’s brand consistency and ensure your style is applied to maximize brand recognition.

VaVa Virtual Assistants

When VaVa Virtual needed a full page ad designed for their next conference, they turned to A. Calvin Design

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